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Skull Ring Skullinger

We can also be petite!

Tidy Ring from .935 Silver with a Bronze skull on top

Weight: 12 Grams
Height: 11 mm
Ring Bar: 7 mm

Handmade: Slight variations are possible.

179,00 €

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The correct Ring Size

How do I determine my ring size?

We not only attach great importance to the quality and appearance of our rings but also to their accuracy and wearing comfort. No matter which ring you choose at EISENWERK-forever, you will find that it not only looks extremely good, but also makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Of course, this requires that it has the right ring size for your finger.

At the jeweler or here at EISENWERK-forever

The safest way to determine your ring size is to visit the jeweler or our showroom and events, where we always have our ring gauge. If you decide on the jeweler, it is important to know that the ring size at EISENWERK-forever always refers to the inner circumference. In addition, a small contribution to the kitty is certainly welcome, because the ring size determination is still a service for most jewelers.

Ring gauge to measure yourself

After a long search and try, we have found a ring gauge, which works well in regards to self-determine the ring size. The ring template helps you to determine your own ring size or (secretly) the one of your partner, friend or girlfriend. Just send us an email with your name and address to and we will send you your ring gauge by mail for free.

Standard Sizes

Our ring gauge goes from size 46 to 76 ... but for the real men's hands it can also be a 78 or bigger! We can craft most of our rings in any size ... but some of our designs are just made for big or small fingers and do not want to be totally bent. Therefore, the selection of the ring size in the online shop is set to "standard sizes" for each ring. If your size is not there, select either "less than ..." or "greater than ..." in the selection list. Put your ring size simply as message in the appropriate field during the order process. Alternatively, you can also send us a short e-mail to '' before placing your order.

If I order a ring and it has the wrong size ...?

... we'll change it for you for free! The first resize is free at EISENWERK-forever. Simply send us a message, preferably by e-mail to Then you send us the unworn ring and submit an info with the ordered and the new ring size. We will adjust this to fit you perfectly and send it back to you with no charge for return postage. You should get your ringsize measured before you send us the ring.

If I order a ring and I do not like it ...?

We are convinced of our jewelry and we want you to be convinced as well.
If you are not…, just send it back to us. You have a voluntary right of return or exchange within 30 days. See our Withdrawal.

Ring Size Chart

All the ring sizes shown on our Shop reflect ring sizes used in Germany. If you live in another country, please measure your finger and then use the International Ring Size Chart.

Ring Size Chart