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Cleaning and Caring of Silver Jewelry

At EISENWERK-forever rings and pendants are made from high-quality .935 silver. It consists of 935 parts of silver and 65 parts of copper, but contains no nickel.

The look of our designs is achieved by expert treatment of the surface and by adding other materials such as copper, .750 gold, lava, onyx, coral or precious stones.

Basically silver forms in combination with sulfur silver sulphide. Silver sulphide is black and therefore forms a clearly visible patina on the bright silver surface. This is not an indication of lower quality, but rather a normal chemical reaction of this noble metal.

Therefore, in the longer term, silver has the characteristic to tarnish and becoming black because it oxidizes with the oxygen or other oxidizing agents contained in our air in combination with hydrogen sulphide.

In addition to this unavoidable influence on the material, other factors from everyday life can lead to an (unsightly) change in the piece of jewelry. We therefore recommend:

  • Take off silver jewelry when showering - Body care products can contain substances that attack the material.

  • Do not wear silver jewelry during sports - The sulfur atoms contained in the sweat can react with the silver. ... Apart from the fact that most of the rings and pendants are not suitable for carrying during sporting activities (risk of injury J) because of their weight and dimensions.

  • Take off silver jewelry during swimming (whether swimming pool, lake or sea) and on the beach - Chlorinated water or salt water can attack the material and destroy the surface or the design (for example efflorescence)

  • Do not wear silver jewelry for domestic work or gardening - contact with detergents, cosmetics, cleaning water, etc. can attack the material.

In addition, some drugs can cause chemical reactions in the body, which can be seen on the skin surface. E.g. by hyperacidity of the body (coffee, alcohol, nicotine, high meat consumption) increased sulfur can be excreted by sweat, which can lead to oxidation of the silver.


If silver jewelry is not worn for an extended period of time, it should be stored in an air-tight manner in order to avoid an excessively fast tarnish. If you like, you can put it in cotton towels or add a piece of chalk.


Normally silver jewelry is polished by wearing it and through the associated friction on clothing and the skin.

For the cleaning of our rings, pendants and necklaces, we recommend classic silver cleaning cloths, e.g. one of which we deliver with every order.

Due to the finished surfaces, jewelry from EISENWERK-forever must not be subjected to chemical processes, Silver baths, salt baths with aluminum foil or popular household products such as skim chalk or toothpaste.

Please Note

If one of our jewelry has changed uncomfortably, do not hesitate to contact us. However, we ask for your understanding that we cannot accept complaints because of discoloration of the silver or alteration of the material for the reasons mentioned above, since this is not a defect, but a completely normal, material-typical process, which can be avoided as much as possible due to careful handling of the material.