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How do I determine the correct chain length?

You found your new pendant in our shop and the decision for one of our chains is made? Great! Here are a few tips on how to determine the right length for your new necklaces.

There are EISENWERK-forever chains in three standard length:

  • 55 cm
  • 60 cm
  • 70 cm

We do not distinguish between ladies' and men's chains, but of course your body size and stature have a great influence on the position of the pendant or chain on your neck.

Standard length for women

For most women, the following information about the chain length (only in terms of silver chains and not lava, onyx or coral) applies.

  • 50 cm (also called the matinee length) usually reaches a little below the collarbone.
  • For a chain that should reach the neck, choose a length of 55 cm
  • For a chain that should reach a little below the neckline, choose a length of 60 cm.

Standard length for men

For most men the following information is given on the chain length (only in terms of silver chains and not lava, onyx or coral).

  • Choose a 55 cm long chain if you want it to reach just below the collarbone. This has the advantage that the chain or the pendant lies below the cutout of the T-shirt and not above it.
  • If your necklace should reach the breastbone, a length of 60 cm should be your choice. This is also the most common chain length.
  • 70 cm long necklaces are intended for large and broad men. On some necks they might look a bit lost.

Measure the correct length yourself

With a piece of cord you can easily determine your right chain length yourself. It is actually so simple. Even better, if you let someone help you hold the two ends of the cord at the back of your collar. Please bear in mind that some of our pendants are not only big, but also quite heavy and thus pull the chain down a bit.

You then round up your determined length and choose the closest standard length.

I need the chain in a different length than the offered standard lengths

That is also no problem. Send us an e-mail with the desired chain length at

We are happy to provide you with other chain lengths (40 cm, 45 cm, 50 cm, 65 cm), but ask for your understanding that we only offer lengths "in steps of 5".