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Biker Jewelry, Rocker Jewelry, Skull Necklaces, Biker Necklaces. Handmade from 935 Silver. Inspired by the subcultural heritage of Biker, Rocker and Rebels

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    Feel the heat 8mm and 10mm lava balls alternately applied to high-quality Jewelry Elastic Cord. The ending is a massive element of .935 silver with 4 small skulls. Length/Scope: The bracelet is available in 3 different lengths (17cm, 19cm and 21cm) Handmade: Slight deviations are possible.

    starting at 79,00 €
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    The necklace for your pendant This necklace is especially suitable for our smaller pendants because it is slightly finer compared to the anchor chains. Round anchor necklace from .925 Silver, blackened and with with lobster clasp Width: 3,6 mm Weight (at 55cm): 17 Grams Weight (at 60cm): 19 Grams Of course also Made in Germany

    starting at 89,00 €
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    Feel the heat Single small Skull pendant from .935 Silver. Lined with lava balls on steel tendon with magnetic clasp.  Weight (Pendant): 8 Grams Height (Pendant): 18 mm Handmade: Slight variations are possible.

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    Here's looking at you kid! Small and light Skull Pendant from .935 Silber suspended on a short Silver necklace. Weight: 8 Grams Height: 18 mm Necklace Lenght: 45 cm Handmade: Slight variations are possible. The pendant will be delivered suspended on a short Silver necklace which is pulled through the Skull.Please note: It is difficult to remove the...

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    Headshot on the cross Skull with .750 Gold bullet as Headshot. The iron cross is moveable. Pendant from .935 Silver with 2mm Anchor Necklace. Weight: 15 Grams Height: 38 mm Width (outer cross): 28 mm Length of necklace: 45 mm Handmade: Slight variations are possible.

    279,00 €
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items