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Silver Jewelry for Rockers, Bikers and Rebels | solid + individual | Skull Jewelry, Biker Jewelry, Rocker Jewelry | for Men and Women

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Human by Nature - Rebel by Choice

  • starting at 379,00 €

    A demon from the land of the rising sun. Big, heavy and solid ring made from .935 Silver. Weight: 50 Grams Height: 30 mm Ringbar: 11 mm Handmade: Slight variations are possible.

    starting at 379,00 €
  • 159,00 €

    Our Omega for your neck. Anatomically correct skull pendant made of silver. Solid and handmade from .935 silver. Weight: 18 Gramm Height: 30 mm Width: 20 mm Can be worn on necklaces/chains with a diameter of up to 5mm! The pendant is delivered without a chain as standard. Handmade: Slight variations are possible.Skull Pendant | Biker Pendant | Skull...

    159,00 €
  • 79,00 €

    ... Even a white lily has a black shadow. ... Handmade solid earrings with Fleurs-de-Lys smbol from .935 Sivber (nickel-free) Weight: ca. 3 Grams eachHeight: ca. 1,8cm each Width: ca. 1,2cm each The indicated price is valid for an earring pair.Handmade: Slight variations are possible.Ear studs | Fleurs de Lys | Biker Jewelry

    79,00 €
  • 389,00 €

    A demon from the land of the rising sun. Big and solid pendant from .935 Silver with horns from bronze. Weight: 32 Grams Height: 39 mm Width: 25 mm Through the horns, which act as loop of the pendant, necklaces and leather tapes with a diameter of up to 5 mm fit! Handmade: Slight variations are possible.The pendant is delivered without a necklace as...

    389,00 €